Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lesson 2: Sharpen Your Inner Sense

Lesson 2: Sharpen Your Inner Sense

One thing that helped me greatly was too to develop and sharpen my perception. You could do some mental yoga exercises that will help you slowly awaken your inner eyes. I was doing that in the 90’s. However, now, there is a better exercise, it is called Image Streaming, it will help you to sharpen your visualization skill, and it turns it will be a lot easier to develop remote viewing, clairvoyance and awaken your intuition
About image streaming it has been said this technique is a purposeful pursuit into the unconscious and higher mind. You can even access your deepest memories, just through accessing the right image “stream”, you can re-connect to past lives, access knowledge from the higher self and astral planes. This is an invaluable “mind-tool” to learn.
Image streaming is a lot  easier when you are relaxed, you might want to do the relaxation exercise from the previous lesson as a preparation.
To do image streaming , you will use a digital recorder or a microphone connected to your PC with a recording program such the free program Audacity.
Sit comfortably, start your recorder and close your eyes and describe everything you perceive, start with familiar images. Also, do not rush this, describe in details, how it smells, how it sounds, how it looks, the touch, sensation, etc.….. If your picture is clear and your auditory perception is weak, insist on describing the auditory. Develop all your perception channels, if you are weak on feeling, then again, insist to develop the feeling for what you are perceiving. You see doing this exercise is a lot better than doing many mental yoga exercises for each sense.
It is also important not to censor your image streams. If you see two pink elephants do not try to suppress the image. You are not supposed to see something in particular, you have just to describe everything in the recorder. Doing image streaming for 10 or 15 minutes helps to build a bridge to your higher mind from there as I have said it will be easier to develop many psychic abilities from channeling to remote viewing.
It is possible to use the image streaming for accelerated learning, Win Wengers the creator of the technique has a complete course on applying this technique for accelerated learning and creativity, it is called the Einstein Factor. It will teach you to develop perfect memory, ways to receive inner guidance to improve your life and much more.
See you soon for lesson 3
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Friday, March 30, 2012

LESSON 1 : Unlock Your Inner Psychic Self

More than 10 years ago, I started a little series of experiments in accelerated learning and by accident these experiments awakened my psychic abilities. I was doing mostly relaxation exercises,  breathing and visualization exercises and after 3 months of these basic exercises, I started  naturally to develop clairvoyance and psychokinesis more on that later.
It leads me to understand the importance of having a good base. Often beginners want to do things that are far beyond their capacities. They take up directly telekinesis or remote viewing training and are quickly disappointed with the lack of results.
Well first build a good foundation then you will be better equipped for more complicated training. If you have a good foundation most of the psychic abilities can naturally be developed without any struggle.
You will have to learn deep relaxation and practice it often, practice it every day. It will help you to achieve the following purpose once you are in deep relaxation your brain produce alpha waves
When we are in the alpha state our brainwaves average range are around 7-12 HZ (cycle per second). It is possible to have psychic experiences in the alpha state, deeper than the alpha state is the theta state at around 6 – 7 HZ, many psychic experiences occur in that state. Most of the time, we are not in alpha or theta, we are in the concentrated and focused state of beta (12 to 15 cycles per second).
So you begin to understand why it is essential to learn deep relaxation! Once you learn to access alpha, it will be easier to access the state again, even if you are awake in the beta state. It will be just a matter of remembering the state as you will be conditioning yourself to do so.
You can practice relaxation in the morning, it is a very good time, you can also do it in the evening, but if you are back from work or school or any other social activity. Take a shower to cleanse your aura from unwanted energy.
It will be also very beneficial to do some stretching exercises to let go of all the tensions in your body. If you start deep relaxation in a tense state, chance is that you will remain in the beta state, and you will feel irritated.
Another very good thing to do is the five minutes daily energy routine. The more your energy is in harmony the easier it will be in your psychic level.

  • Sit quietly in a place where you will not be disturbed. If there is a noise tell yourself that this noise relaxes you even more
  • Close your eyes and visualize the sun resting on top of your head. Visualize the number three in the center of the sun.
  • Allow the sun to move downward through your body, warming and relaxing your body as it goes.
  • Feel the warmth and relaxation
  • When the sun reaches your toes, allow it to leave them.
  • Then visualize another sun, with the number two in its center, resting on the top of your head.
  • Allow sun number two to move downward through your body and exit through your toes, just as sun number three did.
  • Feel the warmth and relaxation
  • Then visualize another sun, with the number one in its center, resting on the top of your head.
  • Allow sun number one to move downward through your body and exit through your toes, just as the other two suns did.
  • Feel the total relaxation now.
  • Say to yourself “From this point  on all I need to do to reach this relaxed psychic level is to close my eyes and mentally countdown from three to one”
  • Open your eyes
With this exercise you accomplish relaxation, and you also are conditioning your mind to access that level each time you close your eyes and count down from three to one.
One valuable tool, I have used over the years is the binaural beat’s technology CDs. They are arranged in a way that depending on the CD, they can put you in the alpha or theta state very quickly.
One CD I successfully used during the last five years is the Immrama Insigtht CD, they are two versions one with rainfall and the other with ocean waves without  any music. The CD helped me to go in a deep theta state, just by listening to it,  using the CD with a relaxation exercise  like above deepened the state. Once you are in such a deep state, it is easy to reprogram your mind with an anchor  such as putting together 3 of your fingers together and saying to yourself “theta!” three times, it will help you to program yourself to access the state each time you do that.
Some people cannot stand rainfall or the ocean waves, they prefer music in this case there are very good CDs by Hemi-sync in their Metamusic series, you can listen samples on their website.
To assist you with the relaxation, I have included this binaural beats (10 min.).Listen to it with stereo headphone. Provided by The Unexplainable Store , they have a large selection of binaural beats, monaural beats and Isochronic Tone.
This concludes our first lesson, hope you liked it, send us your feedback, next lesson we see how to sharpen your senses.
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