Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lesson 2: Sharpen Your Inner Sense

Lesson 2: Sharpen Your Inner Sense

One thing that helped me greatly was too to develop and sharpen my perception. You could do some mental yoga exercises that will help you slowly awaken your inner eyes. I was doing that in the 90’s. However, now, there is a better exercise, it is called Image Streaming, it will help you to sharpen your visualization skill, and it turns it will be a lot easier to develop remote viewing, clairvoyance and awaken your intuition
About image streaming it has been said this technique is a purposeful pursuit into the unconscious and higher mind. You can even access your deepest memories, just through accessing the right image “stream”, you can re-connect to past lives, access knowledge from the higher self and astral planes. This is an invaluable “mind-tool” to learn.
Image streaming is a lot  easier when you are relaxed, you might want to do the relaxation exercise from the previous lesson as a preparation.
To do image streaming , you will use a digital recorder or a microphone connected to your PC with a recording program such the free program Audacity.
Sit comfortably, start your recorder and close your eyes and describe everything you perceive, start with familiar images. Also, do not rush this, describe in details, how it smells, how it sounds, how it looks, the touch, sensation, etc.….. If your picture is clear and your auditory perception is weak, insist on describing the auditory. Develop all your perception channels, if you are weak on feeling, then again, insist to develop the feeling for what you are perceiving. You see doing this exercise is a lot better than doing many mental yoga exercises for each sense.
It is also important not to censor your image streams. If you see two pink elephants do not try to suppress the image. You are not supposed to see something in particular, you have just to describe everything in the recorder. Doing image streaming for 10 or 15 minutes helps to build a bridge to your higher mind from there as I have said it will be easier to develop many psychic abilities from channeling to remote viewing.
It is possible to use the image streaming for accelerated learning, Win Wengers the creator of the technique has a complete course on applying this technique for accelerated learning and creativity, it is called the Einstein Factor. It will teach you to develop perfect memory, ways to receive inner guidance to improve your life and much more.
See you soon for lesson 3
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  1. Your post is very informative> A lot of new things can be learnt .Your comment is invited on my new post.Thanks.

  2. Can i do image streaming on paper? I have no recorder